2011 - Cisjordania, Palestina

Proyecto de cooperación artístico/social junto a “The Palestinian Circus School”.

Social-artistic cooperative project together with “The Palestinian Circus School”. During the first phase an exchange between the Centre des Arts du Cirque (Toulouse) “LE LIDO” and local artists (Palestina) took place. Circus workshops were provided and a collective production was carried out travelling around Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus.

In the second phase, I held a 3 month Research and Creation Laboratory intended to professors in training. At the same time that I carried out several circus workshops in company of school professors from different localities (Ramallah, Jenin, Hebron, Jerusalem, Birzeit, Refugee Camp of Al-Faraa, Nablus) I did present my unipersonal show called “Manifest!”.


2011-2014 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

This program is based on transfer and creation of new educative tools that allows teachers, community referents and professional artists to work in joint different ways of team planifying and teaching, improving knowledge acquisition and social cohesion in class.

Throughout interventions, playful, expresive and creative capacities are developed, pondering on complex issues: Health, violence, racism/discrimination and social organization. Promoting participatory dinamycs for integrate ideologic, ethnic, genre, social and cultural differences.


2015- Buenos Aires, Argentina

Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti.

Former Illegal/Clandestine Detention Center during the last Argentinian military dictatorship.Carpa Abierta take place on “Espacio Cultural Nuestros Hijos de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo. World Emblematic women in the fight for human rights.

Carpa Abierta is part of “La Colmena del Sur”, a program held by the Subsecretariat for the Promotion of Cultural Rights and Popular Participation, established as a result of an agreement between the National Culture Ministery and the Cuban Infant Theatre Company “La Colmenita”. Its objetctive is to develop a territorial and artistic work with children, prioritising the neighborhood and community relationship.