Graduated from Centre des Arts du Cirque Le LIDO (Toulouse, France/ 2009-2011).
LA ARENA Professional Circus School (Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2005-2007). ESCOBAR-LERCHUNDI Mime (se dice asi?) and Theater School (2013-2014).
Yoga courses.
Dance courses.
Acrobatics performance.
Anthropological theater.
Objects manipulation.
Contact dance.
Comtemporary dance.
Improvisation performance.
Since 2011 works on Art and Social transformation projects.
“The Palestinian Circus School” (2011).
“Circo Social del Sur” (2014).
“Art, Creativity and Community Well-being” program, from Crear Vale La Pena Foundation (2012-2014).
“Carpa Abierta” in the Espacio Cultural Nuestros Hijos (ECUNHI – 2015)
“Aliados de la Gravedad” educative project based on artistic and pedagogical juggling formation (Brasil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Palestina, Francia).
“Milagro”, dir. Gerardo Hochman
“Aviadores”, dir. Matias Plaul
“Welcome my friend”, dir. Florent Bergal
“El Paraíso perdido”,chapter 1, dir. César Brie
“La Ceremonia”, unipersonal circus-theater performance, awarded by Planeando BUE magazine, as the best circus performance of the 2015 season in Buenos Aires.
“Proyecto MIGRA” founder member,