Los Aviadores

Urban intervention group.
Direction: Matias Plaul.


A delirious group of time and space travelers is circumstantially lost. They look forward to find the coordinates that could bring them back the exact direction to the indicated place. Each of them, with their own particularities, habilities, register (chequear, dudo), and craziness travel from place to place for a single fuel: “Laughter”, single motive/motivation that conducts them to be able to continue on their long journey with no final destination.

Once they achieve to the place, los aviadores prepare themselves for their last battle. An atmospheric change into a poetical territory, where the spectator could travel through different feelings.

Proyecto Migra

Cultural work cooperative

One tent.
An itinerant theater in the whole country.
Artistic event programming and creation place.
Cultural goods, employment, diversity and public.
A cultural center in movement.

PROYECTO MIGRA is a mobile Cultural Center, open to the community, that promotes the exchange, decentralization and federalization of art.


  • Its own multidisciplinary agenda/programming.
  • A place focused on the creative process and artists professionalisation.
  • Spectacle curators.
  • Hire of room for festivals, conventions and cultural productions.

WEBSITE OFFICIAL: www.proyectomigra.com
CONTACT: contacto@proyectomigra.com
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INSTAGRAM: Proyecto Migra
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